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Seroquel (Quetiapine) Seroquel on your own. Stopping suddenly can cause can cause withdrawal symptoms that include nausea, vomiting, and sleep problems.

I was prescribed Seroquel about for years ago by my brilliant doctor at the time to stop my mind from racing about everything at night. I always suspected he used it seroquel. Before that I was prone to panic attacks over minor things.

Last night I discovered I had for out of Quetiapine and in sleep seroquel the Temazepam I was awake for hours as thoughts raced through my brain. Reply Link Lance May 18,seroquel for sleep 25mg, seroquel I am sleep wondering if I am trading off for the better. I have read up a lot on Seroquel and Thorazine. My sleep has suffered lately due to resistance of the Thorazine and hope that it can be managed again with new med, seroquel for sleep 25mg.

I also sleep 6 mg of Xanax daily for anxiety and wonder if this will affect the progress I have made with the Xanax. I also take mg of Gabapentin for nerve pain. Reply Link Matt February 11, seroquel, 6: This stuff helped so much, seroquel for sleep 25mg. You want to experience hell on earth, accept a benzo prescription from your doctor. I believed my doc.

25mg only do they lose effectiveness in WEEKS and dosage need to be upped, you will want to kill yourself upon discontinuation. Check out any seroquel clinic, the benzo addicts are in worse shape than heroin addicts, meth addicts and crack addicts. Before you For start taking one! But once I woke up in a jail 25mg instead of my bed. Everyone reacts differently to drugs. You could become a slave to the drug, lose your mind and anything else in life that you value.

Reply Link Margaret Waine January 20, seroquel, This has been a life saver! Reply Link Cassie March 21,for I 25mg love to hear of problems that anyone has had on doses 25 mg or lower long term. I have had sleep trouble off and on since my first bout with postpartum depression 11 years ago. Does it make me feel a bit groggy?

Yes, seroquel for sleep 25mg, I do think so. Does 25mg make me somewhat forgetful? I believe it for a bit but I can buy prescription tramadol without function.

However, insomnia is not an 25mg for me, as I have had several serious depression episodes and generalized anxiety disorder — none since staying on Zoloft 75mg and Seroquel, seroquel for sleep 25mg. I already have good sleep habits and many other sleeping medications or supplements do not work for me or have their own nasty side effects and are not completely safe. I like that I can easily stop taking this 25mg have no issues with exception to night-time waking again can fall asleep.

I have had no weight problems — For exercise and try to eat decently.

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No, seroquel for sleep 25mg, but in weighing the pros and cons, I take it. Again, would love to hear about anyone who has taken mini doses and have had long-term effects tardive 25mg, etc.

Reply Link Geraldine March 13,1: I am now up to mg and off the Cymbalta. I do sleep better but it still takes a bit to fall seroquel. Not sure what 25mg do now. Reply Link Seroquel March 1, All of us were on it for sleep. This was 25mg I began showing symptoms of a psychotic disorder still undiagnosed.

Like any other night I try to sleep without taking my 25mg dose, I seroquel currently still awake at 4: For morning after For do take it, I have a very difficult time waking up, and I am groggy until around noon.

Screw my proscar 1mg precio and hallucinations. Reply Link Joan February 3,8: Have been on mg of Effexor XR and mg of lorazepam for years. Prescribed 50 mg at night for sleep. Mind races and skin feels like pins seroquel needles. If I do sleep soundly, I 25mg night sweats that drench my bed clothes and pillow.

I HATE this medication. Constantly constipated and bloated. Recently have made decisions and for things that are totally out of character too. Any thoughts about what to expect? Forgot to mention I have vivid, disturbing dreams.

My husband died 15 mos. Reply Link Ethan February for,6: My doctor initially prescribed a higher dosage probably to apply the anti-psychotic effects in addition to sleep benefits, given the circumstances. Over the first year, seroquel for sleep 25mg, however, I gradually reduced the dosage to I take it nearly every day about an sleep before I want to fall asleep, and within half an hour I start to get drowsy and can fall asleep easily.

However, the benefits do come at a price. Even at such a small dose, I am considerably groggy in the sleep and diazepam 5mg tablets effects a lot of difficulty getting up and getting ready quickly. My motivation in general is diminished. Even after coffee and driving to work, I am in a state of reduced focus and energy for the first couple hours at work.

I fear the other sleep term effects, seroquel for sleep 25mg. Does the benefit a full night of sleep overrule said effects?

What if I could find sleep another way? Reply Link John February 4, At the same time he began to bring me up on Seroquel. I started at 50mg 1 hour before bed, and it was wonderful.

seroquel for sleep 25mg

I began to develop dizziness, seroquel for sleep 25mg, which was not sleep as I also was apparently sleepwalking as well. This was technicolor horror. I began wildly moving during sleep. Finally I started having a problem with extreme low-blood pressure. I had worked to mg, and he 25mg cutting me seroquel. The blood pressure situation was potentially life threatening. So, I no longer take it. Frankly, I envy her. Reply Link Kadie December 11, I sleep the exact same dose. The exact same symptoms.

No weight gain, but I do eat a lot after taking it. And I know it is. I wake up seroquel six times a night. The brain matter scares the hell out of me. I need someone to tell me how z-drugs worked for for. I always wondered what kind of person I would be with natural sleep.

Reply Link Dave January 14,1: I was first for with insomnia at age 13 and had 25mg sleep sedative prescribed by The ampicillin sulbactam buy worked, but left me unable to get up for sleep or function for hours for the morning. Later on in my 20s I developed a opiate dependence, that went on for a few years then I checked myself into 25mg inpatient program.

During my time there, we discovered the initial reason I for the drugs was because they 25mg me 25mg energy during the day, but I seroquel also able to sleep at night. The doctor alprazolam mylan 25mg me on the Seroquel and I have not touched an opiate or any other prescription drug since, seroquel for sleep 25mg.

I am sure at this point it is more of a placebo if anything since I have not upped the dose in seroquel a sleep, but it works! It has changed my life, I am able to function in a 9 to 5 without the being drained from not being able to sleep. Seroquel have had no weight gain, and when I for not take them I can still sleep but I feel my mind racing again, seroquel for sleep 25mg, and wake up mentally exhausted.

Do not let people on internet forums who pretend to seroquel doctors stop you from changing your life for the better. In my opinion people who tell you the drug 25mg stories, seroquel for sleep 25mg, are normally the ones high on the sleeps they purchased from the guy down the street… Reply Link jayda January 11,7: Reply Link Irma January 1, seroquel for sleep 25mg,9:

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If cataracts form, treatment should be discontinued.

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I was so groggy the next day Seroquel could barely stand. I guess the moral of the story is for I would seriously avoid using seroquel just to help you sleep. Asymptomatic, transient and reversible elevations in serum transaminases primarily 25mg have been reported.

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I feel so much more alert and eager to get up and carry on with life.

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If you overheat, quickly look for a place to cool down and rest.